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Re: Filter recommendations?

>>I need to buy a new filter for my 29 gallon planted tank, and I
was wondering if you had any recommendations. <<

>>I also have a small powerhead in the tank to dissolve CO2
and increase water circulation.<<

Well funny you should mention that! I was just tossing around an idea last
night that might be just what you are looking for. I just bought two Fluval
canisters and very impressed except for price. I am still using the
powerhead off my undergravels. Since they get clogged with leaves so bad I
was looking for a sponge to add to them. I found one in Pet Warehouse that
sounded real good.

While I was reading it dawned on me that the sponge would provide a place
for the bacteria to grow and the would also provide mechanical filtration
too. If placed correctly it would not disrupt the surface, it works for Co2
also. Seems (to me anyway) like a perfect filter for a planted tank and not
to expensive too. If I had thought of this first I would have tried it
before buying those 2 canisters.

Would love to hear what others think of it someone has tried this.

Jeff <*\\><
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