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Re: Echinodorus classification, Why so LOOOOOONG?

Steve Pushak wrote, Sat. Feb 21:
>An AGA member has written to me seeking a current and authoritative
>reference to the taxonomy of the genus Echinodorus. If any of you on the
>aquatic plant digest can suggest a reference, please respond privately
>or CC the list. About the only idea I have would be to suggest
>researching a local university library for the Aquatic Botany journal.

I got this reference from Aquarienpflanzen:
Haynes, R.R. and L.B. Holm-Nielsen. 1986.  Notes on Echinodorus
(Alismataceae).  Brittonia 38 (4): 325-332.

For more recent references, I would go to a library that has Science
Citation Index and see who has been citing this article during the last
several years.

>Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 21:57:12 -0500
>From: mason.163 at osu_edu (Matthew T. Mason)
>Subject: RE:  Bloom Question - Why so LOOOOOOONG?
>Here's the situation - my buddy has had a bloom for 3 weeks, getting
>worse, what should one do?

Three weeks!  That's nothing!  I had a green water bloom that lasted two
years, and might still be going if I had not taken out all the fish and put
in some Daphnia.  The Daphnia cleared up the tank in about 10 days, and I
left the fish out for about three months after that, during which time the
plants became quite a bit more dense.  When I returned the fish, they ate
all the Daphnia, of course, but the water has stayed clear for several
years up to the present time.  The reason my green water bloom lasted so
long was that I did nothing about it. Green water clearly isn't some kind
of temporary condtion that will go away on its own.   Other contributers to
this list have reported that cutting back on the light  will clear up green
water.  This means cutting 'way back to the level of ordinary room

Paul Krombholz, in central Mississippi with more rain on the way.