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Filter recommendations?


I need to buy a new filter for my 29 gallon planted tank, and I 
was wondering if you had any recommendations. 

I used to have a Whisper 200 power filter, but I wasn't too 
happy with it because of all the surface turbulence it caused.
Also, without the carbon (which I removed), it didn't seem to be
able to filter small particles well.

The tank is heavily planted and lightly stocked on fish (right now
only 2 ottos, but will eventually get a couple corys and a dozen
neons). I also have a small powerhead in the tank to dissolve CO2
and increase water circulation.

Ideally I wouldn't want to spend more than $50 or so (mail order prices), 
which rules out most of the cannister filters I heard so many good things

So, do you have any recommendations on a particular filter type or model?
Any ones to stay away from? 


llopis at zonker_ecs.umass.edu