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I cleaned the last digest out of my mailbox, but kept thinking about 
George's scum letter.  So I dragged it out of the archive (Thanks Cynthia, 
or whoever for fixing this month's archive listing).

> However, late last year we set up a 29g rainbowfish grow out tank and plumbed it 
> into the 120. It had a very thin layer of black gravel just to hide the bottom 
> glass and a couple of Java Ferns attached to rocks for decoration.  An Eheim 
> 2213 pumped water out of the 29g into the 120g and a siphon tube returned water 
> from the 120g to the 29g. The 29g had the benefit of the "good" water in 
> the 120g without the distraction of hungry mouths. 
> Within a day of setting the 29g tank up, it's surface was thick with 
> scum!  So from this I can conclude "It's in the water"...

George, could you have just invented a protein skimmer that works in 

Roger Miller