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RE: Bloom Question - Why so LOOOOOOONG?

Here's the situation - my buddy has had a bloom for 3 weeks, getting
what should one do?

1. Is there a chemical (I know how bad this sounds) that may help?
2. What else should be done to help with the problem: temp increase,
biological filtration (W/D now), less light, etc?
3. Patience?
4. All of the above?

Please help>>>>>>>>

Bloom of what?? Flower, algae, bacteria, protists, or fish population?
I'm guessing that you have cloudy water. It should not be that long...
bacterial blooms clears within a few days to a week. I am stumped, I
think that it's something else that is causing the cloudiness.

Sorry - bacterial bloom.  Should have been more specific.

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