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Re: DIY CO2 and room temperature

>The things you list are good things to check but I think you left out
>one of the most likely causes of CO2 quitting. Allowing the
>temperature to drop below about 70F seems to be a good way to kill the
>yeast reaction. The problem is many of us have homes where room
>temperatures drop into the 60's - especially at night. The problems
>with trying to keep the reactor warm without heating up the whole
>house is one of the reasons I switched to a compressed gas cylinder
>for my CO2 supply.

I was concerned about that too when I started with my DIY CO2.
Unlike most houses in the US, we like to keep our day temperature
around 63-65F, and night around 58-60F. Other than taking 24 hours
to get started, and 48 hours to really get going, I have no complaints
about the CO2 production. It usually lasts for about 3 weeks and then
starts declining a bit.

I suspect most of the variations on the length of CO2 production
are due to the type of yeast, and to a lesser extent, the sugar.
llopis at zonker_ecs.umass.edu