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Re: Yeast CO2 Stopped

Darrell wrote;
>>It seems that the never-ending question regarding yeast CO2 is why
it is not lasting very long.  CO2 should last at least 3 to 4 weeks. 
If it is not, you can check the following:

The things you list are good things to check but I think you left out
one of the most likely causes of CO2 quitting. Allowing the
temperature to drop below about 70F seems to be a good way to kill the
yeast reaction. The problem is many of us have homes where room
temperatures drop into the 60's - especially at night. The problems
with trying to keep the reactor warm without heating up the whole
house is one of the reasons I switched to a compressed gas cylinder
for my CO2 supply.
Unfortunately when people post success formulas with yeast generated
CO2 they rarely mention the temperature they keep their reactor at and
people  miss the importance of keeping the reactor warm. 

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