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Re:Eleocharis acicularis

>Date: Wed, 18 Feb 98 18:22:40 +0100
>From: Alessandro.Pirotta at netit_alcatel.it
>Subject: Eleocharis acicularis
>I saw it in a picture on a book and found pretty suitable for my tank.
>has anybody any experience/knowledge about it?
>thanks in advance
>- --Alex
It is found in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, North Africa,
Australia---just about everywhere.  I know a pond near Jackson, MS, where
it lives.  I have had it and it is easy to grow, but it is not tolerant of
dim light.  It has very thin cyllindrical leaves and sends out thin runners
with little bunches of leaves coming up every inch or two.  it is such a
minniature plant that it can do quite well in a pint jar with a half inch
of mud and three inches of water.

Paul Krombholz, in central Mississippi where you can't have basements
because they would either fill up or your house would float away.