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Re: Java Moss ID

Bjorn --

I've also never had a problem with java moss growing in higher temperatures,
even 90F+.  I also use it as a "groundcover" in several of my moist
terrariums, many of which are under lights or in windows where the internal
temperatures can get get well over 90F+.  Considering that Vesicularia dubyana
is native to Indonesia and Southeast Asia I would be surprised if it was NOT

Which brings me to a related topic.  We commonly refer to our aquarium "java
moss" as Vesicularia dubyana, yet there are over one hundred species in the
genus Vesicularia (Rataj says "135...but only V. dubyana is commonly
cultivated").  So my question is, has anyone -- or does anyone know of anyone
-- actually done a correct ID for this ubiquitous plant?  Or, did someone once
pick the name V. dubyana out of a hat and the rest of us just go along with
it?  Identifying moss species by sight is not a terribly reliable method.
Just wondering.  Despite all the java moss I have growing in so many different
conditions all over my house, none of it has ever shown signs of making

Dean Sliger
Deansliger at aol_com