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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #96

> The reason I asked is that I called GE and spoke to a representative that
> indicated that GE sells two silicone products that are "FDA-approved" (yea
> well look at PhenPhan). They are GE stock # GE012 and GE012A.  He even went
> on to say that they were "aquarium safe".
> Can anyone on the list confirm this through their own experience.
> Thanks
> Tom Brennan
> brennans at ix_netcom.com
> ------------------------------

Tom, I remember reading on the GE's "silicone I" tube that it is "not for aquarium use";
however, I have a brother in law that told me that it is perfectly safe for the
aquarium. I took a risk and used it anyway. I found that it works very well. I don't
know if it is COMPLETELY safe, just like "PhenPhan", it could very well be "toxic". I
think you should give it a try, it is cheap, and you can use a caulking gun, making the
application much easier.

By the way, am I sending this message in plain text?

- Toan