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pH on the Rise

Mike Cordero wrote:  >>>problem my ph keeps going to about 7.2 even
after water changes ...
i dont know what to do ... >>>

Nothing particularly wrong with a pH of 7.2.  It's definitely not 'bad'.
 With yeast reactors your likely to experience some pH swing as the CO2
supply varies.  No one has reported any problems with daily pH swings of
0.4 or so that I recall.  

Increasing your carbonate hardness (KH) will reduce pH swings associated
with variation in the CO2 supply.  If your KH is 2 or more, your
probably okay.  If KH is less than 2, you may want to add some baking
soda to the tank.  Use the pH/KH/CO2 table from the Krib to determine
the CO2 level and to adjust these parameters.  The table will be
accurate if your using carbonates for buffering (no phosphate buffering
or humic acids from black water extracts).  It's worth spending some
time to understand the table.

Good luck, Steve Dixon