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Re: Re: Java moss id?

> Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 22:21:54 -0500
> From: Bjorn Straube <straube at digital_net>
> Subject: Re: Java moss id?
> Hi Wright,
>   Unfortunately I have to disagree with you :(   I've found
> that java moss survives just fine at high temps.  I have
> some in my discus tank (85-90F) and a friend of mine who has
> a whole room devoted to apistos has some in 90% of his
> tanks.  His fish  room temp is 85F, and he has to thin moss
> out frequently.  I've got some in my own Apisto tanks
> together with java fern and water sprite.  Did not know it
> could survive that much salt though,  I'll have to remember
> that one for the future.
> nut'in personal :)

I don't doubt you for a minute, Bjorn, for I, too, have often kept Java
moss in heated tanks. [I'm looking at a 55G with some at 80F as I type
this!] It is just a *lot* less stable and subject to any little problem
there. High light seems to be one of them. At 75F it just seems to be

Since there are 135 species of Vesicularia, and I was describing only
"dubyana," it is not entirely impossible that we are dealing with
different species. I am told that the dubyana of SE Asia lives in cool
estuaries where tidal salt is fairly common. IDK about the African
species, of which several also grow submersed. Test with a smaller sprig
before using yours in a brackish tank, tho. OK?


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