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Re: Green Water


> A friend said that what he thought was algae was actually a parasite
> that a certain medication removes.  He was told this by a pet store
> employee and it apparently worked.

I'm leery of off adding chemicals to my tank. The easiest way to get rid of green
water is to cut the light source for a short period of time. I used to do this by
just turning the lights off and draping the tank for a few days. I find that it
works just about as well (as long as the tank isn't in a window and getting light
from the sides) to put some duckweed or giant duckweed on the top. It grows, fast
eats up extra nutrients in the water and quickly blocks up the light. After the
green water is gone, just skim the duckweed with a net or your hands and either move
it on to a different tank, feed it to plant eating fish, see if you can get someone
else to take it, or just toss it in the trash.

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