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that darn algae


I have a 55-Gallon, 110W VHO lit co2 injected (no controller but pH
6.2-6.8), tank. This is "corrected" from 7.4 pH tap water.  There is
Dupla laterite in the substrate.  I add small amounts of an iron
fertilizer, Plantex CSM and a tiny amount of murite of potassium. There
are some fast growing stem plants (cambomba, wisteria, red hygro etc.)
,some rosette plants as well (echinodorus, crypts, aponogton & the like)
as well as lilies and ferns .  I have phosgaurd in the Fluval 103 which
serves as a return pump.  The sump is a 20 long that is filled with
gravel and receives natural light and is heavily planted with bog
plants, on the model of and “algae scrubber”  The phosphates and
nitrates both read zero. The fish load is quite light and includes a
clown pleco 2 ottos a faralowana and a 2 mexican livebeares who cruise
the tank for algea all day.  Why is it that I have a hair algae
problem?  It isn't smothering everything but as soon as the plant leaves
aren't brand new it appears.  It also creeps across the gravel.

Kind Regards,

Adam R. Novitt