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Re: Java moss id?

Hi Wright,
  Unfortunately I have to disagree with you :(   I've found
that java moss survives just fine at high temps.  I have
some in my discus tank (85-90F) and a friend of mine who has
a whole room devoted to apistos has some in 90% of his
tanks.  His fish  room temp is 85F, and he has to thin moss
out frequently.  I've got some in my own Apisto tanks
together with java fern and water sprite.  Did not know it
could survive that much salt though,  I'll have to remember
that one for the future.

nut'in personal :)

Bjorn Straube

Wright wrote:


> SAEs won't eat Java moss, AFAIK, and Java moss is unlikely in most Dwarf
> Cichlid tanks, for it hates heat. I does fine in most any water and even
> low light as long as it is between about 68F and 76F. Above about 80-82F
> it just dissolves. I even have it growing lushly in 50% sea water for my
> Lampeyes!
> If the irregular, two-sided branches are typically 1/2 to an inch or so
> long, and about 1/16" wide, with frilly edges (very thin central stem
> with opposed, fern-like side leaves), and the space between branches off
> the central stem varies from 1/8" to 1/2", it is probably Vesicularia
> dubyana. [See the excellent picture at the bottom of p104 of Rataj and
> Horeman, for example.]
> It sounds like you have attractive algae, and not a moss. Is there some
> reason algae can't be attractive?* [I know! Heresy in this crowd! Flame
> shield up!]
> Wright
> ____________________________
> * I once had a 2.5'-long log, solidly covered with red/black algae. It
> was actually a deep purple and looked like rich, thick velvet. Gorgeous,
> if you aren't too hyper about such things.
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