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Eleocharis acicularis


This plant grows very easily and seems to adapt well to tropical temperatures.  
I collected mine at 4000 ft. elevation in cold water and it is growing well and 
did so from the beginning.  It reproduce by runners in aquaria and height is 
variable and dependent on light levels.  It only gets to about 3 inches tall in 
my tanks.

I have seen it for sale at Albany Aquarium in the S.F. Bay Area; it can't be 
hard to find.  I have seen it on many plant lists from mail order dealers as 

It tends to get very dense and any plant with fine, dense growth seems to be a 
magnet for hair algae, at least in my tanks.  Both E. acicularis and E. vivipara 
collect hair algae clumps if I "over-iron" the tank.  I really love the "grassy" 
growth though and feel they are great for certain layouts.

Roxanne Bittman