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Emersed Amazon sword

I have a 40g heavily planted tank (heavy fish load, too) that's been up and
running for two years now.  Recently, my large amazon sword (about 22" at
top, 7" at base) has begun to grow emersed leaves.  Until three weeks ago,
it was sending out underwater growth and spreading out horizontally, but now
it has eight emersed leaves which have almost reached the fluorescent lights
(4 40 watt tubes, about 10" above the top of the tank).  Since this comes in
conjunction with the other small sword in the tank turning yellow and losing
leaves, I'm worried that it signifies some type of deficiency.

What should I test for to determine what's wrong? I currently don't have any
tests other than pH, GH, KH, ammonia, nitrite.

The substrate is 2-3 mm gravel, laterite in bottom third, laterite balls
added about 6 months ago at base of large plants. I do weekly 20% water
changes, and add liquid fertilizer every two weeks (I think it's Aquatic
Pride  or AquaPride or Aquatic Horizons, I can't remember at the moment).
pH is 7.6, temp 76 degrees, GH is 5 (approx. 90 ppm?), KH 4. No CO2.

Any help appreciated.
mshea at delta_info.net