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Re: fluorite update

Sherlock wrote:
I setup a new tank using Flourite 4 months ago.
Once the tank matured, my plants are doing OK,
considering that I don't use CO2.

I have crypts and amazon swords.

Reading an article by Amano, his theory is that bacterial
needs to establish itself in the substrate, or else
you get root rot. This is also what happened to my new
tank. But recent plant additions are doing well.

So when setting up a new tank, I would let it mature before
putting plants in. Amano also sells a product to seed the
substrate with bacteria.

I'm in line with you. in fact when I setup my tank some wks
ago I made the same thought. however I still have doubts
about how you can 'mature' the tank and how long does it take.
mine had substrate setup and water circulating for a week
before adding the first plants. but I didn't feed anything during
that week (mistake?) to avoid the algae blooming.
only when I put in the plants I fed a bit of fish food (twice) that could
be decomposed by bacteria into N, P and K based substances.
after 3 weeks the incoming gate of the internal filter collected
enough, IMHO, organic detritus to allow for enough macronutrients
in the water (actually NO3 level is now calling for a first partial water
change) but I'm guessing whether the tank could already be considered
'cycled' (but, how can be aware of that?)
I've just started to add a very few amount of trace elements mix every
day along with injecting a few CO2 steadily with a DIY reactor and I am
fairly satisfied (enough for a beginner :)
BUT I begin to deal with algae; thread, beard and brown types are
dangerously proliferating (hope to improve by changing soon some