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RE:Surface scum

Kin T Tam <tamx0004 at tc_umn.edu> wrote:
> <snip> After removing that I've been
> getting surface scum.  The scum comes back very quickly.  It goes away
> after a large water change because of all the water movement at the
> surface.  But a day later a thin layer will start forming again.  I think
> the only way to deal with it is have a lot of water moving at the surface.

In my recent experiments with surface scum, also in large 
tanks (180g), I would turn off the pump for a day or two before
the water change.  I invert my siphon into a "U" in the tank, 
and thus skim the surface for the first half of the water change.
I can get most of the lipids, oils, or scum off the surface.
Then, the second half of the water change is to vacuum the
gravel (sometimes I don't do this part).

This seems quite effective.  It takes a while to bring the scum

charleyb at cytomation_com