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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #82

[I guess] Charley Bay wrote:

>Further, what we really *need* is a local aquarium
>club.  There's nothing here, and no store is willing to
>sponsor one (apparently, they fear they may have to
>give away door prizes or something, and it might be
>"too much trouble".)

The local LFS "with attitude" owner related a club experience to me: he was 
approached by a member of the Denver club (60 miles away from Ft. Collins) 
looking for donations for a club event or, at the least, a place to put a flyer.  
The member made the mistake of showing the owner a copy of the club newsletter 
that just happened to have an article on "Why mailorder is better than your 
local store".  The clueless member escaped with his life but the LFS now has 
nothing to do with clubs or other forms of advertising "which are too 

BTW, the "other" store has somehow managed to afford small advertisements on 
just about every other bus stop in Ft. Collins.