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To Filter or not

Hi, This is a question I have been mulling over lately so I am hoping to
get some input from the list. I have a 150G Plant tank athat, at
present, is filtered with a wet\dry. The tank has CO2{auto}, 2 175wattMH
lamps{pendants}. It is fairly heavily planted and at this time only has
1 small fish, a hillstream loach. I don't ever plan to add too many more
fish maybe a dozen or so cardinals and rummynose and possilbly a few
corys. I would to know if removing my wet\dry bioballs will be good\bad
for the tank? The water usually tests at ph6.9, kh2-4, gh 8-11 Phos .9
on my last test. 0 amm 0 nit. Thanks any help at all would be greatly
Later Gareth
ps It's my first post so I do apologize for rambling it seems that I
tend to do this on occasion although I am working on the problem, it
still seems to be a problem none thee less. {G}
Thank You