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Re: High pH

In a message dated 98-02-16 16:23:47 EST, Roger replied:
 If your tap water comes out with a high pH (often over 9) and the pH drops
 after its exposed to air, then your public water system probably uses a
 bulk water-softening method (lime softening) that as a side effect strips
 all CO2 out of the water and increases the pH to high numbers - sometimes
 near 10.  Home water softeners don't usually change pH.  pH drops when its
 exposed to air because CO2 from the air dissolves into the water. 
 Paul's public system might use a treatment system as well, but the very
 low hardness, high alkalinity and pH less than 9 suggests to me that his
 water was altered by ion exchange softening, rather than lime softening. 

This makes sense to some extent but I'm not on municiple water and own my
own salt brine type softner.  Also you qouted someone else with a simular 
problem.  My out of the tap pH is usually between 8.4 and 9.0 which seems 
extremly hard to me.  Aging the water brings is down to the mid 7's and CO2
easily drops it to just under 7.0.  Could the water softner be causing the
Also my total hardness measures 22 grains pr gallon while calcium hardness
reads near 0.  I'm thinking it is time for RO water.