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RE: aphids on floating plants

Walter B. Klockers wrote:
> ...there are some unwanted critters on the plants: aphids. They are
> *everywhere*. I don't know if they came in on the plants or if some
> stray aphids ended up on the plants after the filter was set up. I'm
> going to attempt to get rid of the little buggers by getting some fine
> plastic screen material and using that to hold the plants underwater for
> a duration of ten minutes or so. I would think that I might have to do
> this every once in a while for several weeks to get the results I
> want...namely NO aphids.

I had the same problem, and drowning them does work.  I would 
drown them for 10-15 minutes, and the population would slowly
come back over the following two weeks.  I held them down for 
30 minutes once, and never saw another aphid again.

charleyb at cytomation_com