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Nymphaea (?)

I was given this rhizome of a what I think is a lilly but it is
different from the others in my collection.

    The rhizome put out its first pad very soon after planting. A week
later I noticed that the stalk/stem of this pad  was getting kinked (an
angular bend). At first I assumed physical damage but a few days later I
noticed that a shoot appearing at this point. This grew into another
pad.. now I have 4 pads from this junction and roots forming. The main
stem/stalk is 14" (35cms) and the branch has formed 3" (7.5 cms) from
the water surface. This stem/stalk is darker than the others that have
not branched. Pads are about 3" (7.5cms) diameter.

    This morning I noticed that one of the above branches is branching
out on its own.

    Is this usual for lilies? or is it a lilly? I haven't seen this
happening before.


ggrk at blr_vsnl.net.in VU2ZAP
Bangalore, S. INDIA