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Plant Filter Update (Floating Plant Filter).

Hi All,

This is a note primarily for the archives...

The Floating Plant Filter (FPF) is continuing to do well. It is still
the only means of filtration on my 80. However, I have run into a snag.
In spite of an initial two minute dip in water using bleach (holding the
plants underwater during this period -- 19 parts water, 1 part
bleach...then a rinse in water w/triple the normal amount of dechlor),
there are some unwanted critters on the plants: aphids. They are
*everywhere*. I don't know if they came in on the plants or if some
stray aphids ended up on the plants after the filter was set up. I'm
going to attempt to get rid of the little buggers by getting some fine
plastic screen material and using that to hold the plants underwater for
a duration of ten minutes or so. I would think that I might have to do
this every once in a while for several weeks to get the results I
want...namely NO aphids. Also, if I had to do this project all over
again, I would *not* use a plastic container. I would use a glass tank
instead. The plastic, although quite strong, bends and has caused me to
make some modifications on the design. If anyone on the APD has any
suggestions on how to rid myself of the aphids, PLEASE tell me! I wonder
if there is a type of floating plant that the aphids do not like?

Walter B. Klockers
Elma, Washington
klock at olynet_com

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