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Update re surface scum

A few months ago I wrote about a problem I was having w/surface scum in one 
of two nearly identically setup 120 gallon tanks.  The only difference 
between them, aside from the species of plants/fish in them, was that the 
tank with surface scum was pH 6.8, the one without was pH 7.2.

For various reasons, the pH of these two tanks was reversed a few weeks 
ago.  Water was not moved between the tanks.  Within days, the previously 
scum-free tank that was changed to pH 6.8 developed a surface scum problem, 
while the other tank, which *had* had the problem, cleared up quite nicely.

I don't know what else may be a factor, but clearly pH makes quite a 

(Today both tanks are clear at 6.8 - The canister filters have been 
replaced with a trickle filter which draws surface water via siphon boxes.)

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