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Finding Dupla Pruducts

>George wrote:
>>I'd love to be able to go into my LFS and pick up
>>laterite off the shelf...

Actually, George didn't, I did.  In this case, I doubt George would mind,
but try to watch your attributions.  They can get you in trouble if you say
the wrong person said the wrong thing. ;-)

Andrew M Ball wrote:

>I would love to have my LFS order some Dupla products for me (esp. laterite)
>however, they all (so far) have acted as if laterite and Dupla do not exist,
>or else have gone extinct! 

J.P. Burleson is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Dupla products.  I don't
have their address at hand, but they have a web site, or you can get their
address off the Dupla web site.

>And to anyone else who may know a source for laterite such as mail order...I
>would be more than overjoyed if you could post or privately e-mail me with
>the info.



They also sell Tropica Mastergrow and several other useful planted tank

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association