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Valves on DIY CO2

Steve in Vancouver cautioned about using a valve on a DIY CO2.

Ive been using one on mine for over a year, no problem. I found
that if I didnt have some method of slowing down the output I
would get this constant gush of CO2 running into the tank. 
After mixing a new solution I squeeze the bottle (plastic and
flexible) so that the trapped gas can expand into the
container. Then I cap it. My mixtures produce CO2 (between 1-4 bubbles/sec) for
3-4 weeks. Never had a rupture. I output the CO2 into my
Aquaclear filter and it works well. Plants grow like crazy fish
are happy pH approx 6.8 (approx 7.8 w/o CO2).
Sooo maybe I'm just lucky but my experience is at odds with
Steves warning.
Still struggling to get caught up with my APDs!

Marshall Wilkinson
Calgary Alberta