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Algae identification

My three week old tank has developed a kind of algae which I have not seen 
before.  Algae identification is not a strength of mine, so with the kind 
assistance of the list, I hope this will be an opportunity to improve it. 
 Certainly this one should be easy to recognize if I see it again.

This algae is a dark, dark green or grey and is incredibly slimy.  It coats 
the upper parts of the taller plants but wipes off (and more or less 
dissolves when wiped off) very easily.  It forms long strings which appear 
to be hollow, and grows very quickly.

You can see it here:


It is happily photosynthesizing - you can see the oxygen bubbles in the 
pictures.  I also have, at the same time, a bit of cloudiness in the water.

Can somebody here tell me A) What kind of algae this is and B) what 
conditions it favours?

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