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Re: Did I goof?

>I think I have made a big mistake and need some advice quickly. I just set
>up my 60 gallon for plants. Clay with sand over that. In my hurry to get it
>set up I didn't think to wash the sand. This is #3 sand blasting sand. Now I
>am getting a fine film on the heater, the two plants and on the glass that
>is very course to the touch. Obviously from the sand. As soon as I saw this
>I knew I had messed up. The tank is very clear now. But ever time I do
>anything it gets stirred up again.

Before you take it down, try syphoning the "dust" out with a regular
gravel vacuum. Just wait until everything is settled and give it a shot.
To get rid of most of it you might have to do it a few times (letting it
settle every time), but I think it should work, especially if you have
a pretty bare aquarium with 2 plants; once you get more plants it will
be a lot more difficult.

Maybe as the last stage, once you've sucked all you can out of the
tank, try stirring it so that you filter will take care of it. 

Hope it helps.