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Re: co2 gauges

Bruce BErney1014 at aol_com asks:
> Can anyone point me to a source for co2 gauges? 

You can always find pressure gauges suitable for the output and input of
a CO2 regulator from a welding supply outlet. CO2 gas is commonly used
as an inert gas for welding. The prices for new gauges aren't too
painful ($20). The other place to scrounge used CO2 parts is from
hydroponics outlets however, in those applications, flow meters are more
common on the outlet side. A flow meter is useless in an aquarium
application. The outlet pressure valve should be matched to the range of
your regulator; that is if your regulator goes from 0-80 psi, then your
outlet gauge should have a range of 0-100 psi.

Look in the Yellow Pages under "Welding Equipment & Supplies",
"Gas-Industrial & Medical-Cylinder & Bulk", "Carbon Dioxide" and
"Hydroponics Equipment & Supplies". If you're really on a hunt for
bargains on regulators, also try "Restaurant Equipment & Supplies". The
advantage of going to a welding supply outlet is the folks can also find
all sorts of fittings and widgets, and can assemble your regulator and
micro-flow metering valve safely. They probably won't know what a
micro-flow metering valve is or where to get one, but once you have one
in your hand, they'll know how to connect it.

Often your real quest is to find a distributor for Nupro or ARO parts. I
had to phone the Canadian ARO headquarters to find out who was the local
distributor but I can't find the company name anymore. Those companies
don't advertise in the Yellow Pages much.

Ok, who knows the Canadian distributor for ARO or Nupro?

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