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safe stone?

        sorry to post such a question, but im without direction right  now. Today,
I walked through the canyon searching for some suitable stones to place into my
fish tank. I came across a variety of stone that is often found at the home depot
(here in san diego, it is the variety they always have). I think that the brad is
called "classic rocks" by the Home Depotians. It is bluish in color and seems to
be broken for a massive boulder. I has a very chiseled look (just what im looking
for). Most of them are the size of rabbits (rabbits and stones, what a comparison,
hehehe). Anyway, with these rocks are also black stones that seem to be very
closely related. These stones are also likely to be found in someone's front yard,
crushed into chunks. These are used as a ground cover.
        If anyone knows what the heck I'm talking about, please tell me if these
are safe for the aquarium. Thanks for your help! :-)