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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #83

>>.......clown loaches were attacking a helpless sword leaf
>>   My question is has anybody else experienced this same phenomenon? (Did
>>just miss that paragraph that describes their vegetarian diet?)
>I have six rather small clown loaches in my discus tank. Before they
>arrived I had a couple of big and beautiful Aponogeton ulvaceus in the
>tank. In less than a week the clown loaches had punched holes in almost all
>of the long, broad undulating leaves. None og my books on aquatic plants
>mention this behaviour. The loaches doesn't seem to eat the leaves, they
>just have great fun destroying them.
>Stephan L Sandemose
Hmm, my clown loaches do not attack the plant but they have never eaten a
snail (except those squished by me on the side) either so maybe I have
aberrant clowns.

Dennis J. Harney
Miami University Botany Dept.