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RE: Clown Loaches Eating Plants

I have two 2-inch clown loaches in my 40g planted tank, and yes, they like 
the amazon swords.  And the Java fern.  But they keep the plague of 
ramshorns under control, which was their original purpose. I get the 
impression they are eating snail eggs off the leaves, not just randomly 
poking holes in the plants, since the snails seem to like laying their eggs 
on the bottom surfaces of the wide leaves, and I always see the fish poking 
at the plants from below.

They are definitely omnivores, going for the algae wafers above the sinking 
shrimp pellets, but eating snails avidly too.

mshea at delta_info.net

Stephan wrote:

>I have six rather small clown loaches in my discus tank. Before they
>arrived I had a couple of big and beautiful Aponogeton ulvaceus in the
>tank. In less than a week the clown loaches had punched holes in almost 
>of the long, broad undulating leaves. None og my books on aquatic plants
>mention this behaviour. The loaches doesn't seem to eat the leaves, they
>just have great fun destroying them.