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Trace Elements

Paul wrote: >>>	The same commercial mix referred to in the original
"Control of Algae in Planted Aquaria" Kevin and I wrote a couple of
years ago. I can't find the manufacturer's name now, though I'm pretty
sure it is in the correspondence in the Krib somewhere.  The analysis is
in the article itself, which is also in the Krib.  It was bought from a
hydroponics store for about $30, and I haven't made a significant dent
in it yet! >>>

"Chelated Secondary Mix" from Plantex in Ontario, Canada.  I haven't
made a dent in mine either.  I could fertilize the entire San Francisco
Bay and most of the California coast with the CSM under my bed!

Regards, Steve Dixon -- in San Francisco where the sun has shown twice
this week!  At the moment, it's raining.