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Cover plates under DIY hoods

>I have a question for you DIY hood builders:  Is it necessary to have
>some kind of glass/plastic between the water surface and the bulbs?
>Thanks much.
>- -- Stephen

I don't use either under my hood. Doesn't seem to be a problem as long as
there is minimal surface agitation.


Subject: Large containers for soaking driftwood, etc.

I have been using plastic 55 gallon drums for various purposes (holding
tanks, container gardens, etc.).These drums are used in the food trades for
shipping juice and other liquids. They are made of VERY heavy polyethelene
and sell locally for $5. The ones I am getting come from a bakery and
originally contained vinegar. Bottling companies where fruit juice
concentrates are reconstituted might be a good bet as well. I cut them in
half with a sabre saw to make two buckets. I have considered cutting one
lengthwise to make a trough shaped container, but haven't tried that yet.
The fill holes have threaded, gasketed plugs that include a threaded
knock-out that will accept plumbing fittings. All in all, an extremely
useful item.