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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #80

George wrote:

>I'd love to be able to go into my LFS and pick up
>laterite off the shelf.  He'll order it for me any time I ask, but he, at
>this point, doesn't sell enough of it to have a lot of money tied up in
>inventory.  The last time he ordered Dupla products for me, he got some
>extras for stock.  They sat on the shelf until the next time _I_ needed

I would love to have my LFS order some Dupla products for me (esp. laterite)
however, they all (so far) have acted as if laterite and Dupla do not exist,
or else have gone extinct!  If by chance you are going to ask your LFS to
order for you again, would it be possible to find out their source so that I
could give it to my friendly neighborhood LFS?  I'm about on my last ball of
Duplarit K and I haven't been able to find a source for more (I've looked
for awhile too).

And to anyone else who may know a source for laterite such as mail order...I
would be more than overjoyed if you could post or privately e-mail me with
the info.

Thanks a bunch
Cindy (at her husbands e-mail address :D )