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Update on distorted aponogeton flower stems

About a month ago I asked about distorted aponogeton flower stems.
During the time that the plant was producing these distorted stems, it
also seemed to be dying back (the large leave were slowly dying).
Shortly after that, I decided to measure the nitrate level since we had
just reduced the number of fish in the tank and also since the apon.
seemed to be less healthy.  Using the Lamotte kit, there was no
detectable nitrate.  So I began to add a little KNO3 to bring it up to
the 5 ppm range.  

The apon. never went dormant, and instead produced new leaves.  It never
stopped producing flowers during this time, although it slowed down.
These new leaves are now about 6" long and the recent flowers are not
distorted and are developing seeds (the flowers with the distorted stems
just died).

Unfortunately, I can't say whether the distorted stems were due to the
plant slowing down/trying to go dormant, or the low N level.  Or are
these related (i.e.,  the low N caused the plant to slow down)?

Wade Shimoda
Honolulu, HI