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Re: Otocinclus cats

> From: Conwayte at aol_com
> Okay, I am looking at my new Axlerod Atlas and The Optimum Aquarium.  I
> searched the net for the answer to these questions with no luck. 
> Is O. vittatus (opt aquar) the same as O. vestitus ?

my copy is Optimum aq. is not here so I can't compare the picture to
Axelrod Atlas, but this is what my best Loricariid book says about
telling some otto species apart:

O. vestitus
This is the most common otto here in Finland and probably one of the
most common there too.  Very distinctive black stripe from nose to
tail, and a big black spot just where the tail begins.

O. vittatus
Nearly identical, but there is no big spot at the caudal penducle,
the stripe is just slightly thicker there.

O. affinis
Slightly yellower than the two previous species. The side stripe is
not black but dark brownish, and it isless sharp and thinner than
on the two previous ones.

There are at least 20 Otocinclus species and perhaps as many
Parotocincluses.  (And the catfish book I mentioned is available
just in Finnish.)

Liisa, who has lots of SAEs and bristlenoses but no ottos