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Trading Plants to LFS

Andy Dilbert wrote:

>That's true, but I find a couple problems with this...
>- -Some LFS's don't have very good selection.  I have only a few LFS in the
>local area, and their "plants" are a few dying anacharis and hornwort!  And
>they certainly do not carry rarer plants.

All the better reason for you to supply them with something of interest.

>- -Credit is usually not equal to the value of the plants being given to
>them.  I understand why;  they have to make money.  But it would be nice to
>make equal trades with people.

What value?  Retail?  You can't expect a store to give you retail prices
for your plants.  I've found that most are more than willing to give
wholesale-type prices.  Besides, with stuff like Java Moss, Water Sprite,
H. polysperma, H. difformis and some of the other fast growers, it's hardly
worth the money to mail them around the country.  Why not get a little bit
for them, while supplying some _good_ plants to others in your area...  The
more interest there is in plants, the more the stores will want to support
that way, and what better way to develop interest than to make healthy,
easy to grow species easily available.  Success feeds interest!