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Re: CO2

Paul Sears wrote:

> 	As for CO2, why are people fooling around with yeast setups?  I
> admit that I paid about $175 CDN for my cylinder setup (no controller),

That answers a large part of the question.  There's usually a lot of
competition for the next $175 that I spend.  My aquariums rarely win.

> but it has run for something like 3 years so far on its first filling,
> and I haven't adjusted anything in months!

$175 CDN "amortized" over 3 years is still $4.86/month, which is way more
than the cost of sugar and yeast.  And a bottle of yeast mix is a lot
smaller than a tank+regulator+needle valve and so easier to live with and
easier to hide. If it weren't for the horror stories I've read on this
list I'd never mention the fact that yeast is also safer than bottled
liquid CO2 for people and for aquariums.

Besides, messing with things is part of the fun of the hobby, isn't it?

Roger Miller