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Phosphate woes

>From: Tim Mullins <tbm at ix_netcom.com>
>Subject: Regaurding Evil PO4

>5) Algae? Sure. Too much PO4 and I get spot
>and the green velvety algae on the glass
>(later easy to remove). Other types haven't
>been a problem, praise be the SAE. Still,
>very easy does it with PO4. I believe Conlin
>and Sears really got it right!


>7) Of course I could bag all the PO4 stuff
>and just add more fish (and food).   :-)

Very interesting post, Tim. I know I have too much phosphate due to high
fish load and fish feeding. I recently bought some PhosGuard and put it in
the filter. It has made quite a difference. That velvety algae that tends
to like the glass and higher leaves has almost gone away and I have less
spot algae too. I like having lots of fish so this may be the answer for
me. I guess there is such a thing as having *too few* fish.

I'd like to have your PhosGuard but it seems rather far to ship.

in sunny Vancouver