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Clown Plecos & Black Brush Algae

I have been having a problem with my 75-gallon planted tank.  Black brush
algae seems to cover the plants leaves just enough to make it look unsightly.
I have bristlenose plecos in this tank, but I don't think they are serving
their purpose very well.  I also have a planted 10-gallon tank with 3 clown
plecos.  I recently took two shoots off of my amazon sword and placed them in
the 10 gallon(with algae and all) and the next morning all the black brush
algae was gone!  I have never had an algae problem in the 10 gallon and I was
wondering if the clown plecos could be the reason for this.  I have always
read that bristlenose plecos are better at this kind of stuff than clown
plecos are.  All the values in both tanks are the same(pH, temp., hardness)
except the 10 gallon has 3 watts per gallon and the 75 has only 2 watts per
gallon.  So which is it?  The clown plecos cleaning house or the lighting?

Bryan Kohart
Fishboy069 at aol_com