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Re: Aponogeton Crispus flowering

Raj in Bangalore asks:
> When does Aponogeton Crispus flower?

I have had one flower about 3 times in the last 5 months or so so I
believe it flowers when conditions stimulate it to do so. I think these
conditions might be associated with seasonal changes or it could be that
the plant just flowers and sets seed opportunistically.

> How often does it flower?

It can probably flower once a month at a guess.

> Is the flowering triggered by any external stimulus?

I would say the answer is yes. I'm not sure if I know exactly what the
stimulus is apart from good conditions for growth. I know I have been
providing more calcium than in the past but also I am providing more
optimal conditions overall: CO2, N, K and Mg are supplied sufficient to
ensure no shortage of these. The substrate is improved with soil, peat,
micronized iron and trace elements in a special fritted glass granule to
prevent too rapid release. At a guess, the flowering seems to be
triggered just after a water change; this might correspond to a tropical
rainstorm signalling the beginning of the monsoon season in the natural

Welcome to the APD. I believe you are the first contributor from India
although we have several from SE Asia.

Steve in Vancouver where it rains most of the time.
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