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Elodea for goldfish

Jefferson Ong wrote:
>Subject: Too Many Questions, driftwood conditioning

>I have goldfish.  Unfortunately  2 are floaters.  Some vegetative matter
>(aside from not overfeeding etc)  might solve this.  <snip> It also makes
the water hard.    <snip>
>By browsing I found out that Elodea can survive the hard water ( I don't
>know if the goldfish will be able to eat these plants).  Also Lemna
>(duckweed?? I don't know if this is available in the Philippines).  Can
>anyone send me their plant recommendations????

Jefferson, I keep goldfish with Elodea. They do eat it. I think it would do
fine for you and duckweed would be good too. I've found that Elodea does
better in cool water (68 - 72 degrees) than it does in warm water but it
seems to adapt to either. It grows quickly enough that goldfish eating the
leaves does not create a problem. Though my water is soft, I have read that
it likes hard water so it will probably do okay for you. Buy some and try
it. It sure won't hurt the fish. I'd send you some but I think
international customs would assume it was something you wanted to dry and
smoke. :>

>I am also going to try the DIY CO2.  Wish me luck.

Not sure I'd do this with goldfish. I grow 5 different plants with my
goldfish with no CO2 and not much light. Elodea sure won't need CO2 to grow
well. It also won't need a pot. You can put it in the gravel or just let it
float. Its common name is "water weed" for good reason.

 They keep releasing humic.   I would love to have these as decor
>but they just turn my water a light brown & I want mine crystal clear.  Any
>ideas on get rid of treat this???

Far as I know, all you can do is soak the wood until the colouring
dissipates. It eventually will, in the tank or in a bucket -- at least wood
I have used always has.

in Vancouver, B.C., Canada