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Blue-Green Woes.

I'm having a problem that has me at a loss.  After reading through the FAQs
and monitoring the list for some time, I've realized that I need help.  :)
I am currently plagued by blue-green algae (cyanobacteria).  It has recently
taken over the front half of my 75 gallon with very little to keep it in
check.  I've tried physically removing it, added farlowellas, whiptails and
banjo cats to no effect (and my long time corys havae not made a dent in
it).  I even added tons more plants and introduced pond snails.  Nothing is
making a dent in this stuff!  I have a two bulb reflector with a Powertwist
and a  Triton.  Moving it to the back of the tank (as opposed to center) has
started to have an effect on it, but not very much.  It has also started
growing in the back now as well.  The lights run about 10 hours and all the
plants are going nuts with growth.  It is a litteral jungle in there, but
the algae has started tackling the plants and it is a daily battle.  I have
also added a UV sterilizer in hopes that it will stop it from spreading, but
that has had no great effect.
The water conditions are as good as I can reliably get them - pH at about
7.0, total hardness at about 120 ppm, alkalinity at 80 ppm, temp at 75
degrees.  Anyone managed to overcome this or know what it is that I'm
missing?  Thanks in advance.

Jonathan Kalmes
mailto:you at null_net