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Too Many Questions, driftwood conditioning

Hello!  I am Jefferson Ong & I am from the Philippines.  I have  read some
of the  articles & am sure that a lot of you will be able to help me.

I have goldfish.  Unfortunately  2 are floaters.  Some vegetative matter
(aside from not overfeeding etc)  might solve this.  Unfortunately (for
anyone familiar with Goldfishes) I have coral sand as substrate (which the
fish dealer said goldfish prefer).  It also makes the water hard.    Also I
put salt (1 tsp/gal) in the water which they say helps fish.  What plants
can  survive this harsh climate???   I want plants that can survive the
water & at the same time serve as food for fish so that I can avoid
floating problems.  I would also love it if they can thrive (& add to the
beauty of the aquarium)

By browsing I found out that Elodea can survive the hard water ( I don't
know if the goldfish will be able to eat these plants).  Also Lemna
(duckweed?? I don't know if this is available in the Philippines).  Can
anyone send me their plant recommendations????

Are there web pages where there are pictures of plants with there
scientific names????  The fish dealers here just sell the plants.  The ones
I've been able to  ID are Valisneria, elodea & Cabomba.  Are these any
good???   There are other plants which I cant ID.  

I am also going to try the DIY CO2.  Wish me luck.

My setup  30 gallons
	  50 GPH UGF
	  200 GPH overhead filter (water is cushioned)
	  No bubblers
	  I plan to put plants in pots so as to give them
	  a fighting chance.  Substrate to be used as rec.
                  clayey soil with (Osmocote slow release) topped
	  with 1"gravel
	  1.3 watts per Gallon with some natural light
	  DIY CO2

RE:  Driftwood conditioning.  To get them to stop floating soak overnight &
boil to drive air out.
         Knock on the wood.  If it is hard then it is a safer bet that they
sink without treatment (but not 100% foolproof).
Now my problem is that even after these treatments they still stain water
brown.  They keep releasing humic.   I would love to have these as decor
but they just turn my water a light brown & I want mine crystal clear.  Any
ideas on get rid of treat this???

Thanks in advance.

jeff at netasia_net