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DIY CO2 Generator Problems

I have been lurking around this group for about a month now and have been blessed by a lot of the knowledge available.  I have a 55g with 3 40w tubes and a heavy planting.
I am now working on getting my CO2 generator going.  One of the recent posts talked about a recipe of 2cups sugar, 1tsp baking soda and fill to 2/3 full with water.  This is what I have done.  My yeast goes great guns for a few hours, then crashes with no activity.  I've done this twice with the same result.
The recipe found in the Krib calls for 3/4 cups sugar, no baking soda and "a pinch" of yeast.
The only other factor that comes to mind is my room temperature, which I keep at about 70f.  Is this low enough to inhibit yeast growth?
Any help will be appreciated.  My next attempt will be to make the recipe "by the book" (the Krib, that is).