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Three snails

Paul Krombholz wrote:
>Subject: Re: Snails hatching from plants

<snip>Only very rarely do the ramshorns damage any plants, and, even
>then, the damage is only a few holes.  The pond snails never damage plants.
>Never had them myself, but I hear nice things about Malaysian trumpet

Paul, I can't agree with this. Pond snails, small, brown, pointed shell, DO
eat plants especially when they get big and there are lots of them. I had
an infestation of those that munched through quite a bit before I got clown

I have Malaysian trumpet snails and they are fine -- keep the substrate
clean and turned over and don't eat plants. So I recommend Ramshorn's (they
keep my goldfish tank sparkling and have never eaten a plant) and Malaysian
but definately not pond snails. Of course, if you have LOTS of algae maybe
you can support pond snails without damage. <g> And then there is the
question of whether a pond snail is a pond snail is a pond snail. I mean,
perhaps different pond snails that look a lot alike have different habits.

in Vancouver where it is not soggy at the moment