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saving money on lighting

noticing various lighting post I thaught I'd add this in.  Locally a twin
40 watt fixture for aquariums plus a wood hood would total over $200 for a 55
gallon tank.    Here is my equivelent that is much lower cost.

Standard shop florescent fixture.  Ususally on sale in bulding supply shops
around $10.00.  Using ong GE full spectrum bulb at $6.00 and one daylight
bulb $2.00.  Build a pine hood like the expensive oak laminated ones in the
wood costs about $20 for  4 1" X 8" X 8' pieces of clear fir.  Hinges for the
piece and handle another $3.00.  Finally wood stain at about $5.00 (enough to
about 12 hoods) and marine varnish for another $10.00.  Total cost for this
hood is about $56.00 and a second hood like this is about $41.00 since you 
already have the stain and varnish.  

If your lucky you can also fide 3 bulb fixtures like the shop lights only I
have found 
them closser to the $25 range usually.  Looking around in the building supply
it is unbelievable what bargains you can find at reasonable prices.  The only
you need to do is add a little labor on your part and you can get someting
that looks
great works great and costs only a third of what you pay in most aquarium